Paris – The European Capital of Modern Luxury and Magnificent Historical Treasures

Paris is the most visited capital of Europe and with reason!

This epicenter of Europe is rich in culture, history, geographical beauty and entertainment offering its visitors numerous accommodation possibilities, from simple bed and breakfasts to five star hotels Mdern Luxury.

Along the banks of the River Seine stand some of the most glorious and magnificent monuments, which are amongst Man’s most amazing past accomplishments. It is a fact that this city of luxury and architectural treasures boasts some of the richest museums, art galleries and monuments.

The words ‘culture,’ ‘art’ and ‘fashion’ correctly reflect the way of living in Paris; you can witness it in the streets, in the buildings, in the luxury boutiques along the ‘Champs Elysées’ even by just watching the local people strolling down the avenues. You may also choose to amble through the narrow streets of the Latin Quarter or sit at a ‘bistro’ or ‘café’ near the ‘Sacré Coeur’ in Monte Matre and watch the artists at work while sipping a ‘café crème,’ savoring the cheery and musical atmosphere that permeates from this lively city.

Paris is also a city of modern luxury offering the finest five star restaurants and hotels, where you may enjoy the French chefs’ most delicious menus in a setting of elegance and luxury. In Paris you will find some of the world’s best hotels, which are in themselves historical monuments, abundant in luxury décor, modern amenities including luxury spas to help you relax and recuperate after a full day of exploring the city’s multifaceted beauties.

A visit to Paris takes careful planning, in order to get the maximum out of the time you have available, for it would take months and months to explore the city in its entirety, and even then you probably would have missed something out.

An interesting way to organize your tour can be to follow the River Seine, where a lot of the most beautiful historical monuments stand. Take a tour on the’ Bateau Mouche’ in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury, admire the passing sights and learn about the history behind each monument. You may even treat yourself to dinner and simply sit back to admire the natural architectural beauty passing by.

A walking tour is of course the best way to fully appreciate the many sites Paris has to offer. Take time to follow the historical trail through the city’s bustling avenues, colorful markets, past imposing and breathtaking monuments such as the Notre-Dame, Sacré Coeur on to the Eiffel Tower. Step into the many museums such as the ‘Louvre’ or the Modern Art Museum and offer yourself the luxury of admiring some of the best exhibitions in the world through both past and modern works of art. You may of course simply soak in the verdant environment of the many parks Paris has to offer, such as the ‘Jardin du Luxembourg,’ which are also flourishing in spectacular historical examples of luxury and past prestige adorned with statues, fountains and ponds.

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